Dear Sipergy customers,

We have made the painful decision to close Sipergy and stop support for its apps and technology, effective 2/1/2016. We are grateful for your business, and it’s sad for us that we were not able to achieve the growth we needed to keep this venture going. If you still need a solution for international calling at very low rates, we suggest you try, our new product. It operates similarly to Sipergy in allowing you to make global calls via phone or app, from the US or Canada. The rates are incredibly low on, to over 180 countries. You can call via access number or directly to contacts through the app, and you can even call and text FREE to others with the app.

Again, thank you for your business and for giving us a shot. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope you’ll try the app and service, which is where we are placing our focus now. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

The Sipergy Team

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About Us

Meet Sipergy Travel – Your trustful “travel communication” agent!

Think of Sipergy as your trusted “travel communication” agent. We are part of an expanding U.S. telecommunications company with more than 10 years of experience in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and international communication services. Specializing in customized international services, we offer one of the best VoIP calling services available to travelers and their specific communication needs.

Travel smart, but call even smarter!

Sipergy Travel Application allows any smartphone or computer user to make and receive calls over the internet, when traveling, all over the world. Our low rates per minute will replace the use of costly roaming plans and reduce your bills by 95%.

Our strength is in listening to you, the worldwide traveler, and knowing what’s “next.” It helped us to combine many useful features and functionalities into one new customized application that will offer you the traveling experience of a lifetime!

Meet our cruise team!

Our tech staff and management team members are recruited from the top 100 technology, business and management schools and universities worldwide. Experienced, talented and creative, with a strong work ethic, we see them as true partners.

We stand together in our ongoing mission to continue bringing you innovative services, comfort and new experiences. Travel safe and call smart!

Florin Neidoni Jay Hatfield Satyam Talati Claudia Ecobici Gang Li
Elida Kellezi JinJing Zhang Eugen Susman Dana Schenk Cosmin Schenk

Florin Neidoni - CEO

MS, Physics, University of Timisoara, Romania


"As co-CEO, I oversee and monitor Sipergy Travel's integration within the company's strategic plans, while ensuring that the most effective resources will be involved in creating your customized services. Evaluating through the eyes of a customer and innovating are my strong beliefs that have always guided us in providing you with the quality and the comfort you deserve."


Jay Hatfield, CPA - CFO

University of Kentucky


“I make sure that the company is following the rules imposed by financiers, governments and any other organizations. I also support the marketing objectives of saving you money when calling internationally and providing you with high quality services.”


Satyam Talati - General Counsel

Juris Doctor, The Ohio State University


“I protect the brand by making sure we do what we say, and say what we do. I look at a variety of sources and customer input on what works and what doesn’t. I streamline your ideas, align concepts and incorporate feedback on how Sipergy Travel enhances the users’ experience.”


Claudia Ecobici - Marketing Manager

MBA, Business Administration Institute, Sophia Antipolis University, Nice, France


“I am responsible for complete oversight in the planning, development and marketing of the Sipergy Travel Application. Our responsiveness to the market and to your communication needs when you travel supported the strategic decision to create Sipergy Travel App. It is a mobile application combining low-cost calling services and useful functionalities that will make your travels worry-free. Enjoy!”


Gang Li - Marketing Coordinator

MBA, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis


“I analyze the international telecommunications market and ascertain information about what is being offered to you vs. what you really want. I also identify innovative ways of getting closer to you, to listen to you, to inform you about the benefits of using Sipergy Travel App.”


Eugen Susman - IT Manager

MS, Business Information Technology, Walsh College, MI


“In addition to managing the company’s technological resources, I ensure adequate allocations of hardware, software, data and staffing, as it relates to IT. It is important that all of these elements work together to benefit Sipergy Travel App users. We want you to enjoy your travel experience. Whether on vacation, visiting family or business, we have all of our resources backing you.”


Elida Kellezi - Customer Service Manager

BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Tirana, Albania. Pursuing MBA, Walsh College, MI


“Building solid customer trust and loyalty is crucial to any successful business. That’s why we have procedures to ensure that you are consistently receiving a great customer service experience from Sipergy Travel representatives. We are here to help you over the phone and online. We want our customers to not be stressed out and to enjoy traveling with Sipergy Travel app.”


JinJing Zhang - Business/Market Analyst

Masters of Accountancy, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Certified Internal Auditor; CPA license pending


“I collect and examine data to understand what we should do to give you delight and an unforgettable, awesome experience when you use the Sipergy Travel App. I constantly monitor the telecommunications market and our customers’ behavior in order to stay a step ahead of the competition and efficiently fulfill your future needs.”


Dana Schenk - Designer



“As part of the design team, I am translating Sipergy Travel’s information into appealing visual elements, providing you with comfort, online experiences and ease of use. Just like traveling is exciting, we want our Sipergy Travel to be an exciting traveling companion for you.”


Cosmin Schenk - Emerging Technologies Manager

Computer and Information Systems Engineer, AFPA Remiremont, France


“Like a deep-sea diver or a mountain climber, I am exploring the technological world, seeking out the best of it and bringing it to you. The winning result is the Sipergy Travel App, which represents the best of its kind, and the only app designed for travelers like you. It gives us pride in introducing to our customers a product with state-of-the-art features and capabilities. As a leader, in the forefront of anticipating customer needs, we do all this, before anybody else can.”

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