Dear Sipergy customers,

We have made the painful decision to close Sipergy and stop support for its apps and technology, effective 2/1/2016. We are grateful for your business, and it’s sad for us that we were not able to achieve the growth we needed to keep this venture going. If you still need a solution for international calling at very low rates, we suggest you try, our new product. It operates similarly to Sipergy in allowing you to make global calls via phone or app, from the US or Canada. The rates are incredibly low on, to over 180 countries. You can call via access number or directly to contacts through the app, and you can even call and text FREE to others with the app.

Again, thank you for your business and for giving us a shot. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope you’ll try the app and service, which is where we are placing our focus now. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

The Sipergy Team

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Save up to 95% on international calls, call and text for free, translate the world, find free Wi-Fi spots, share souvenirs…

Welcome to Sipergy Travel, one of the best calling apps, designed specifically for international travelers!

Visiting the United States, cruising the Mediterranean or meeting your business partners in Singapore? Chart your course with Sipergy Travel - first class communication at economy rates!

Tired of using your costly roaming plan when traveling?
United States, Brazil, France - wherever you travel—the rate per minute when you call back home will be the same!
Get your friends and family aboard and share for FREE amazing travel experiences!

Make free calls and send free messages all over the world, to anyone in the Sipergy Travel network!

Also, save up to 95% when calling your friends and family on their mobile or landline.
Bonjour! Hi! Hola!

Our FREE Translate the World feature will help you translate your thoughts and questions through voice and text. Translation available in multiple languages.
Travel smart, call even smarter! All you need is a Smartphone and Internet Connection.

Need a free Wi-Fi spot so that you can call without using your costly data plan? We ‘ve got you covered!

The Free Wi-Fi Spots Finder feature will help you find all the free Wi-Fi spots around your location or a chosen address.
Don’t just call! Communicate!

Sipergy Travel strives to provide you with first class communication services. Our Internet Speed Test feature will monitor your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G internet connection and inform you about the expected quality of your calls.

Want to give it a ride?
Stay Connected!
Share sightseeing tours, experiences, and business updates.
Android, iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry, Desktop Softphone - install the application on one or several devices and start calling by using the same account coordinates.
Sipping a coffee at Starbucks, in the intimacy of your Hotel, working at your business partners’ office, browsing the museum gift shop...
no matter your travel purpose and no matter where you are you can stay in touch!
Share the world with your friends! Take a photo of you on the Golden Bridge and write something about this awesome experience. We will add your location and show your friends on Facebook how much fun you are having.
$9.99 or $14.99, you decide how much credit to add!
Credit your account directly in the App through iTunes App Store, Google Wallet or BlackBerry App World payment interfaces, or directly on the Sipergy Travel website, through Pay Pal.
Using your 3G/4G data plan when you travel abroad can be expensive!
We want you to enjoy affordable communication while traveling, so we explored alternatives for you.
Thousands of cafes, hotels, restaurants and other public places offer free Wi-Fi connection, all over the world. You would be surprised!
Tell us where you travel, we will show you how to call smart:
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